The Pathfinder Bookshoppe

The villagers realize you are a stranger here. They smile shyly but continue with their everyday affairs. As you walk through  the  cobblestone  streets  you  can  see  several  shops and merchants.

The Mystic Companions Guild

A guild in the Middle Ages was usually an association (or club) which served many purposes, but nearly always including mutual charity, general sociability (including drinking), and religious celebrations. The first guilds where merchant guilds, later came craft guilds as industry has gotten more specialized. Guilds maintain a system of education, whereby apprentices serve a master for five to seven years before becoming a journeyman at about age nineteen. Journeymen work in the shop of a master until they can demonstrate to the leaders of his guild that they are ready for master status. Guild members are forbidden to compete with each other, and merchants are required to sell at a "just price".

Definition courtesy of NetSERF

To the Main Village

Northbound Path